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Takes place the second READI Thematic e-Conferences encounter, dedicated to fundraising 

Inicio: 14 de Marzo de 2016
Final: 14 de Marzo de 2016
María José Cantón has talked about fundraising in the second READI Thematic e-Conferences encounter.
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Her starting point was the thought about those organizations that have been sponsored by public funds for years and want now to start a strategy to tackle private sponsorships.
Her points were:
1. It is hard work but it is worthy doing it.
2. The whole organization should be involved.
3. You must believe on your own project, on your work, to be able to make your potential sponsor become a part of the project.
4. You have to work on the best way to transmit this believe.
5. You have to be able to explain how you are going to spend all the given money.
All this cannot be improvised. The board has to take part, and the communication department, and finance department, everyone at the organization has to understand they must work for that.
A few tips:
1. Every day training, non stop.
2. The board has to have an active role.
3. Special attention to the special donors.

She has adviced some publications:
Give Smart: Philanthropy That Gets Results3 abril 2012. Thomas J. Tierney y Joel L. Fleishman