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The fourth READI Thematic e-Conferences was held on 17th May

Inicio: 17 de Mayo de 2016
Final: 17 de Mayo de 2016
The encounter was devoted to the European projects and European Commission’s grants.
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Ms. Francesco Vallebona, Director of Medin Europe SPRL, talked about big lines of European projects and European Commission’s grants, The structure of a successful project. He pointed a list of things to keep in mind for an european project, in which the following issues were included:Transnationality; Innovation (original, proposing something new); Relevance needs to be demonstrate (how my project is addressed to a specific european goals; Added value (why is made in a transnational level and not in a national level); Sustainability; Dissemination;The participation in the project needs to be demonstrated.(They have to be involved in the budget. Project coordinator: + amount.Partners can be in the same country, but balanced); and finally, beneficiaries.
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