Invited by the Women’s Chair of the UCV, the president of the Social Promotion Foundation and co-founder of the Euro-Arab Network of NGOs for Development and Integration (READI), Jumana Trad, has given a conference at the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) on the situation of women in Islamic countries.

In this presentation, Jumana Trad pointed out the different situation in which Western women live compared to those of Islamic countries.

She pointed out that the Arab nations represent only twenty percent of the world’s Muslims, and each country has its own culture.

She noted that there are also substantial differences in the way Islamic law is applied in each country.

She commented that, from her point of view, Muslim feminist women seen in the media in Europe tend to have very similar ideas to those here, but that is not the reality in Islamic countries. The feminists there are feminists in a very different sense. They do not want to give up their faith, their way of life or their society, but rather an interpretation of the Koran that gives women more freedom. And that conviction, she indicated, we must respect it.

Full video of the presentation: