Dear friends,

I am addressing to you as President of this Institution in order to inform you that the FPSC is publishing its Report on Activities 2016, containing the summary of its work and the financial statement corresponding to this year.

Its brief format enables you to go through it in an easier way and offers a better visualization of each of our areas of activities and the labour carried out in each of them.

The Report on Activities 2016 is now available also in the section of «publications» on our website.

I use this message to express one more year mi gratitude towards all who help us making our work possible: public and private defrayers, donors, partners, team and volunteers of the FPSC. It is only thanks to your effort and generosity that the Foundation is able to achieve its goals and objectives and carry on with its work in favor of those who need it the most.

Yours faithfully,

Jumana Trad