The «Fundación Reina Sofía» celebrates this year its 40th anniversary, since its foundation in May 17th, 1977.

The FPSC, represented by Macarena Costelo, Trustee and Project Manager of the FPSC, was handed by Her Majesty Queen Sofía a Diploma in recognition of the collaboration between said organizations.

We want to express from the FPSC our gratitude to the «Fundación Reina Sofía» for this gesture and all their support and partnership through the years.

The «Fundación Reina Sofía» has been working along with the FPSC in different projects since 2008 in countries such as Peru, Jordan, Palestine, Paraguay, D.R. Congo and Spain and in domains like education, persons with disabilities (PWD), health or youth.

The collaboration of the «Fundación Reina Sofía» has made possible, project wise, the development of activities dealing with literacy, intercultural communal living among Christian and Muslim Palestine girls, the settlement of a center for physically challenged people, professional training for women of scarce resources in rural areas, workshops for young people to promote education and leadership or primary healthcare for women and children, among others.