Social Promotion Foundation, NGO defending people’s dignity around the world since 1987, renovates its corporate identity with the will of communicating in a more positive and current manner its commitment so that every person lives according to human dignity, with people taking action in their own lives and becoming triggers for self development.

The new image is born from the word dignity and its most representative letter: “g”. Turned over and transformed it becomes the infinity symbol with more volume.

The infinity symbol evokes expansion, universality, development, freedom and diversity. Through open stokes, the concept of collaboration is suggested, represented by human silhouettes, matching perfectly the foundation’s deep determination of placing the human being at the core of its work.

Social Promotion: The name becomes simpler, communicating our job in a more firm and friendly fashion, allowing us to be closer to the people around the world that the Foundation works for and also to all others who walk with us by supporting our work: donors, defrayers, volunteers, NGOs, etc.

Social Promotion Foundation takes its new corporate identity at the new website:

The new website allows a more fluid and intuitive surfing and develops new contents in a responsive way -adapting to all formats in different devices-.

There is also, in this website, a special concern for expressing the main role occupied by the people the Social Promotion Foundation works for. It facilitates information of its activities and projects in development cooperation, humanitarian aid, awareness, volunteering and education and global citizenship, along with the countries they are implemented in.

The website expresses itself the commitment towards transparent management inside Social Promotion Foundation.