The Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council approved the READI in their calls for aid for the year 2009 the project to raise awareness of the problems of Arab women in education and employment Mediterranean. This project aims to:

  • To publicize the situation of Arab women in their access to education and position in societies that live providing practical insights, the fruit of dialogue and exchange, that help establish the proper way to put in place mechanisms to deal with real opening of the new role of women in society and their contribution to development. To this end, they organize an international seminar involving representatives of both READI as NGDOs and other development agents in Madrid and the Mediterranean area who are interested.
  • The consolidation of the communal capacity of the partnership, both among its own members and among the public in Madrid and society in general. This will improve the dissemination of strategies from the READI website and create an intranet aimed at a closer match between members of the Network

These two lines of work will contribute to public awareness in Madrid about the specific problems of gender equality and women’s access to different levels of education of our neighboring Mediterranean countries, some of which have a strong presence in the city and the region of Madrid due to the phenomenon of immigration. Similarly, it will facilitate coordination between different NGOs North and South of the Mediterranean, all members of the READI.