The current draft is the outcome of consultations led by a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group established by the OECD in October 2013. The Advisory Group comprises OECD and non-OECD countries, civil society organizations, farmers organizations, institutional investors, and agri-food companies.

Following this consultation, OECD is now launching a public consultation on the draft guidance to ensure that the widest range of stakeholders can provide inputs and comments on the draft.  FAO and OECD invite civil society organizations to participate in this process so as to benefit as much as possible from their knowledge, experience and ideas.

The forthcoming revision of the guidance will take into consideration the input received during this public consultation. A compilation of comments received will also be made available online at the end of the consultation period.

Draft text for comment
FAO-OECD Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains (pdf)

Submitting your comments
Comments could be sent to  by 20 February 2015